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Opportunities for Involvement!

Our current Editor is looking for an enthusiastic potential successor willing to learn at least some of the mysteries involved in the production of our journal. The current role could be divided on an agreed basis, with an initial guru/apprentice approach enabling a gradual shift of responsibility. Previous successful experience of this type of role would be very welcome, and could lead to rapid promotion. However, as with all our vacancies, being able to allocate a few hours weekly, and being willing to commit is of most importance.

Our field trips have ground to a halt for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the time has come for a change of approach, mixing outdoor with indoor activities. No progress will be made unless a willing organiser is found. Could this be YOU? Our
  • page gives a flavour of previous events. Stout boots, map and weatherproofs probably required, but fresh ideas of major importance.

    A project awaiting take-off is the recording and transcribing of reminiscences from ex-railway employees whose knowledge and experiences would be of interest to current and future generations.

    Recording equipment available. Broadcasting quality interviewing technique not required on day one. Enthusiasm and an interest in railways essential. Good bedside manner beneficial. A truly worthwhile fresh venture by the CRA.

    Our Benchmark photographic survey has resulted in much activity by a small number of individuals. Several parts of Cumbria await the visit of a capable cameraperson to record the current railway scene before it is lost in the name of progress.

    There could be an Unallocated Uncovered Area near YOU

    Have camera, enjoy a mission? This could be it!

    We have a file of photographs taken of the Joint Lines minute books, and would welcome assistance in transcribing their contents.

    They are in two volumes. The first covers 1878 to 1898 and consists of 155 double pages. The second runs from 1899 to 1908 and is made up of 44 double pages. The minutes seem to end at 1908 as there are no later books in the National Archive.

    No pressure, no deadlines, no C.V required.

    Please contact our Secretary from HERE should you be interested in, or require further details of, any of the above roles.

    All positions benefit from our Standard Benefits Package: No Salary, No Perks, No Pension. However....reasonable expenses reimbursed and opinions welcomed.

    Come join us. Lighten the Load. Add some ideas.

    Help keep the show on the road.