Modelling the Railways of Cumbria

The aim of these pages is to bring together as much information as possible to assist the Railway Modeller produce models that are as accurate as possible, in their chosen scale, based on the Railways of Cumbria. The site will expand as and when information comes to hand and the volunteers involved have the time available to update it. If you need to find out about something that is not yet covered then please contact us and we will endeavour to point you in the right direction.

The site is split into sections but with the multitude of different companies that operated within the county there is bound to be some overlap. We hope to provide our own reviews of kits and models as well as individual's own models. If you find errors or omissions then please click here to e-mail.

Cast Brass Axle Boxes – 4mm scale

Over the last few years, the Cumbrian Railways Association has been developing modelling items that are essential to those modelling the railways of Cumbria.

The first offering was a kit of etched parts for the iconic Furness Railway “Squirrel & Grapes” platform seats. Offered in both 4mm and 7mm, they proved to be very good sellers.

A recent addition to the range is a set of four cast brass coach axle boxes produced by the lost wax process. They were used on a wide range of prototype vehicles and should appeal to all 4mm modellers working in the early period of railway history.

Whist these axle boxes are an essential component for the modeller who wishes to produce accurate models of the early rolling stock of a number of Cumbrian railways, they have a wider application. A number of vehicles were built by Joseph Wright & Sons (later the Metropolitan Railway Carriage &amo; Wagon Co.) for a large number of railways in the United Kingdom. Theses axle boxes will, therefore, appeal to a very wide group of 4mm modellers.

Joseph Wright started building carriages for railways in 1837 at his London Workshops. In 1845 he moved the works to Saltley in Birmingham where he found space to expand his business. The firm became the Metropolitan Railway Carriage & Wagon Company in 1863.

Cumbrian railways using vehicles fitted with these axle boxes included
Furness Railway
Maryport & Carlisle Railway
Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway

CRA Modelling items are available from:
Mr. P. Tuer, 24 Carlton Gardens, Stanwix, Carlisle. CA3 9NR
Prices (including post & packaging)
4mm axle boxes (set of four)   £8   (£7 for members)
Seats 4mm   £5
Seats 7mm   £7

Furness Railway Station Seat etches

Recently the Association produced brand new brass etches of the iconic Furness railway station seat which features the Red Squirrel. They are available in both 4 mm and 7 mm scales. Packs of two etches cost only £4 and £6 respectively. (Now available at C&M Models in Carlisle and Crafty Hobbies, Barrow in Furness). (10mm scale are now on order Nov 2010.) To order please send a cheque, payable to the Cumbrian Railways Association, for the correct amount, and include 50p to cover P&P to:

Mr. P. Tuer, 24 Carlton Gardens, Stanwix, Carlisle. CA3 9NR.

Furness Railway squirrel seat at Ulverston station. The colour scheme owes nothing to the FR, LMS or BR!

It is hoped to produce further items in the future. Suggestions are being accepted!

Furness Railway Coach etches from Worsley Works

Etches for a number of Furness Railway coaches were commissioned from Worsley Works. These two photographs show the end result of the early four wheelers, as built by Gordon Mellor in 'O' gauge. The vehicles were used eventually for workers trains.

Worsley Works will supply their etches in any scale and are a great help for those with the skill to 'have a go' at scratchbuilding.

Further examples of Gordon's work can be found at Worsley Works.

C&M Models, Carlisle and Crafty Hobbies, Barrow-in-Furness

C&M Models, Carlisle and Crafty Hobbies, Barrow-in-Furness have jointly ordered a new O gauge Private Owner Wagon from Dapol due for delivery in mid summer 2013. Cumberland Granite livery. If it sells well they already have orders for Shap Granite so this may appear early next year as well.

Stevenson’s Carriages

Stevenson’s Carriages have sold lots of the M&C 0-6-0 tender locomotive and are introducing a Furness ‘D5’ previously manufactured by Millholme Models but with a new and improved chassis.

Hornby and Bachmann

In 4mm Hornby have a Harrington Coke Ovens wagon and Bachmann have reintroduced the Millom iron hopper wagon available in a weathered version as well.

Modelling Email Group

In addition to the general crchat email group a separate one has been set up to cater specifically to the needs of the modeller. Click here to find out more. On the site you will find copies of our latest publication: Modelling Cumbrian Railways. This is an occassional publication containing a variety of articles including: - reviewing models, details of suitable kits and modifications, articles to assist the modeller, and a whole host of other bits as well.

When logging on for the first time please give as much information as possible about yourself and interests as it will help the moderator to approve you joining. On the site you can ask questions of fellow modellers or answer others queries. Additional information is also held within the file and photgraphic archives. There may or may not be overlap between both sites so it is adviseable to join both!

Pochin/Shillcock Model Collection

Early in 2008 the Cumbrian Railways Association acquired an important collection of 4mm scale models of mainly Furness Railway prototypes. The nearly 200 items were created by Ross Pochin and Bill Shillcock of the Manchester Model Railway Society and selections will be displayed from time to time at CRA meetings and on the Association's stand at local model railway exhibitions and other events.

Photographs of items in the collection may be seen by clicking here for loco models, click here for carriage models or click here for models of wagons.

In order for Ross and Bill to construct these models they produced a set of drawings for them. A selection have been uploaded to the Resources & Services Drawings page


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